I’m learning the importance of releasing my need to control in a deeper way. Having faith that everything will work out for me if I just continue doing what I’m called to. Praying for solutions and waiting for them instead of trying to figure out how to make everything happen myself.

Releasing control through not worrying about the outcome and instead having faith that it will always work out in divine timing. Every time I dive deeper into my faith the more mind blown and magical the universe becomes.

At the beginning of the year I challenged my faith heavily and literally didn’t actually believe or really know how to trust in anything. I’ve had the idea and right words to describe it for a long time. But I was never able to actually experience the miracles of life that I spoke of because I just didn’t believe in them.

Everything everyone said always made sense in regards to spirituality but I just never really felt the magic. I always had doubts. Everything that has happened has been for a reason and I’m incredibly grateful to be where I am right now. I realize now that a crucial part I was missing along my journey was the faith that God would make it happen.

I searched on google and asked so many people how can I develop faith? How can I truly believe in something? I prayed and set intentions to gain faith and patience for a long time. It’s funny because I started hearing a lot about how it’s disrespectful to act like God has no real power.

Like how can I pray to the divine while at the same time not believe that the universe could possibly make it happen for me? It’s like I was doing all of the right steps that I heard from other people just hoping that I could receive the same results. But the true intention behind my prayers was missing. I was full of doubt. I didn’t believe I could actually receive what I was asking for therefore I didn’t receive it. Crazy to believe it’s really that simple.

We are energetic beings and we truly attract what we vibrate. I’ve really been taking a lot of time to reevaluate what reality really means to me. Because for a long time I’ve been hearing you create your reality.. Life is what you make it.. And yes I felt it was true but I just never really gave the divine their props! Haha “props” sounds like such an EXTREME understatement when you’re talking about the magic of the universe!

I’m understanding that it’s truly all about your intention behind everything. A million teachers can tell you what rituals to do, how much you should pray, what crystals you need, what affirmations you should say everyday. But none of it matters if you don’t truly believe it within. You can’t fool yourself. It takes real inner work and I’m realizing that. I’m starting to understand the power of words.

For everything that I’m learning in life I always feel the need to express that I’m beginning to understand because you can never truly understand anything to it’s full extent. As my faith deepens I understand it more and more but I know I have infinitely more to learn. Which is so exciting and wonderful to watch the magic continue to unfold! My reality has definitely shifted and shifted and shifted. HALLELLUJUAH!!!

Haha it’s so fun to change my relationship to God and religion. Growing up I always felt that religion was so constricting and full of judgmental people. I didn’t like the way God was described in church. They referred to God as a jealous God that was cruel to nonbelievers. Something to fear.

I realize now that everyone just has their own perceptions. From my perspective God = The Divine = The Universe = Source which all represent the SAME THING!! Love energy! Love is the most natural thing in our universe and it will always exist within everything! God is within us all. We are meant to spread and experience the highest form of love through each other in this world.

I recently got a new wooden pendent that was handmade by this wonderfully divine older man and the symbol means “only god knows the beginning and the end” I’m in love! I’m very comfortable with not knowing the answers.

I’m grateful to be on this earth co-creating and living an extremely passionate loving life. I will continue to play my part and allow the divine to do the rest. I vibrate love energy. I feel God energy within and everywhere around me! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by love in everything. 

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