Spiritual Exercises

Shadow work prompts, rituals, and more


I’m learning the importance of releasing my need to control in a deeper way. Having faith that everything will work out for me if I just continue doing what I’m called to. Praying for solutions and waiting for them instead of trying to figure out how to make everything happen myself. Releasing control through not […]


I just wanted to come on here and say, I love and deeply appreciate the WordPress community! Your stories and advice motivate me on a daily. I love how open and honest the writers are here! I love to learn about other people’s experiences and also share mine! It feels like home. I’m grateful for […]

Free to be

I’ve been choosing to be mindful.I’ve been choosing to say I’m choosing instead of I’m trying because everything is a choice.I don’t know exactly when but one day I just woke up and decided that I didn’t want to waste my time anymore. I didn’t want to waste my energy on things that weren’t improving […]

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