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Through laughter and wisdom, we heal! Spiritual exercises and advice for getting through the many emotions we experience throughout our spiritual journeys.

  • Release
    I’m learning the importance of releasing my need to control in a deeper way. Having faith that everything will […]
  • Grateful
    I just wanted to come on here and say, I love and deeply appreciate the WordPress community! Your stories […]
  • Free to be
    I’ve been choosing to be mindful.I’ve been choosing to say I’m choosing instead of I’m trying because everything is […]
  • 4 Tips on How to Protect Your Energy
    It feels so good to take control of my life. Once you understand that no one can control your […]
  • Self Sabotage and The Broke Mentality
    Shadow work prompts What is holding you back from your full potential? Name distractions/excuses/habits from your daily life. Today’s […]
  • Trust The Process
    Hello, beautiful people!Thank you so much for your time.I want to talk about trusting the process because I know […]
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